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Elliot Lichtman

   Countless websites, books and video courses promise to teach you to code.  

  And many will. 

  They will teach you vocabulary like print, input, and random.  They will hammer home every comma, semicolon and tab.


  But these courses routinely forget a simple truth: the joy of learning a new language is the wielding of it. 

  Grammar rules are tedious until they are harnessed to tell a story.  Vocabulary words are just letters on a page until they are woven together into a tale or poem.

  Our approach to coding is therefore different.  Yes, we teach the words and punctuation that a computer expects.  But we do so while fully immersed in the parts of computer science that are downright magical. 

  Come teach your computer to outsmart a human player in Connect Four.  Or write the very algorithm that your car's navigation system uses to quickly find the shortest path from here to there.

  Because, in our world, coding is more than a language.  It is a tool by which we test new ideas and explore the world around us. 

  Come experience coding that way. 

  With us.

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our current after-school program.

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For the fourth year in a row, we will be offering classes this summer for students interested in either our lively introduction to coding or our advanced algorithms curriculum.  Students who took the introductory course last summer should move to algorithms; Students new to our program can join at either level, depending on their prior experience and comfort.  Reach out and we can help make the right choice together.

Like prior years, our courses this summer will be hosted online, and they will run in the late afternoons.  The idea is that students can this way enjoy a variety of outdoor camps during the core of each day and then join us afterward to code.

Detailed information is available on this webpage.  And email us if you have other questions or are ready to reserve a spot.

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